There was a time when mobile phones were used to only make calls and send text messages. But now mobile phones can be used to help in the education of children across the world. Especially, in underdeveloped countries where laptops and computers are not as common as the mobile phone. Furthermore, tablets have now become more popular than ever been before. Here are a few ways smartphones and tablets have helped changed the way we look at education.

Educational Apps

Educational apps are being created all the time to help children of all ages learn outside of school. All parents need to do is to download the desired app and normally it will be on the smartphone or tablet within a short space of time. With touch screen now becoming a standard feature of a mobile phones it enables these apps to be user friendly. We are now living in a generation where children as young as 2 years old know how to use a touch screen on a mobile phone or tablet. This enables parents to use mobile phones and tablets as a resource to educate their children from a young age.

Apps Showing Progress of Students

Gone are the days when parents had to rely on a parents evening or a letter through the post for updates about their children. Some schools are also using mobile apps to help parents keep up to date with the progress of their children. Parents can now log into these apps to see reports, pictures and important messages about their child’s education.

Easy of Connection

For university students it has become a lot easier to keep fellow students connected if they are doing a project together. Smartphones enables students to use such apps as What’s App to create a group where content and ideas can be shared with all participants at the touch of a screen. This enables everyone to be updated in real time.

Play Used to Learn

Children view the use of a tablet as play. Therefore, it makes children more motivated to learn via a tablet. This gives teachers a different method to teach children other than the more traditional way. A study conducted in 2017 on the use of iPads in the classroom found that there was a high level of discussion between students when an iPad was shared.

More Affordable Mobile Phones & Tablets

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