The current generation of children are growing up spending many hours a day glued to their tablets. So, should we be concerned? Are children now lacking basic skills due to not playing outside with their friends, keeping active or reading books? After all it is well documented that Steve Jobs hardly let his children use the Apple iPad the hugely successful product that he helped create.

Most parents or carers use tablets as a way of distracting children while they are busy doing something else that they need to do. There are parents that worry that their children are spending too much time using tablets that could potentially harm social and communication skills. However, there are many reasons why tablets can be good for children. I will have a look at some of the key reasons why the use of tablets by children can be beneficial.

Learning Can Be Fun With A Tablet

A tablet is bright and interactive so it can be used as a fun way for children to learn. Parents can download apps for their children to use. For example, if a parent wanted a child to improve their Maths they can look for Maths related apps. There are even games that children can play that can improve children’s understanding and thinking of certain scenarios.



Entertaining While On The Move

The tablet can be used on the go so it can be perfect for a long car journey. Games, movies, apps and many more entertaining features can be accessed by children to help with their potential boredom. Especially, if the long car journey turns into an even longer car journey due to being stuck in unexpected traffic.



Technology Is The Future

There is no getting away from technology in the world taking over more than ever before. Therefore, it is vital that children have the knack of using technology. For example, banks and fast food restaurants are replacing employees with touch screens. Therefore, children need to be comfortable using this type of technology and the tablet is perfect way to mimic touch screens.



So How Can We Control The Usage By Children?

Tablets can be good for children however children need to be monitored to establish what they are using their tablets for just in case they start exploring things that are not for their age. Parents should take advantage of the parental controls in the settings to control this type of usage. There are also apps such as Parental Control & Kid Tracker which can manage the amount of screen time used by children.



Tablets Can Be Good After All For Children

So, it can be argued that tablets such as the Apple iPad can be good for children if used in the correct way as well as being used with moderation. However, children still need to explore the world the old fashion way so they can learn important social skills, communication skills and understanding of the world. So, parents limiting their screen time allows their children to get the best of both worlds.

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