We are now living in a time when smartphones have become a central part of our everyday lives. Throughout the day we are constantly glued to our mobile phones. Wherever you look you see almost everyone on their smartphone whether it is on the train, eating or walking down the street, the list is endless. I will explore six reasons why we just can’t live without our smartphones.

  1. You can integrate everything into your smartphone

There was a time when you needed a phone for calling, a laptop for checking your emails, a video recorder to record and a camera to take pictures. A smartphone integrates all these features into one device eliminating the need to carry lots of different gadgets around. Also, the smartphone has helped with our finances. We can now use apps to check our bank accounts as well as transfer money at a swipe of a screen. Some people have even saved their card details to their smartphones so they can make payments this way eradicating the need to carry their bank cards.



  1. Social Media is used mainly on smartphones

Then of course we have the good old social media addiction. We are constantly checking our social media accounts so we can see the latest post by our friends as well as posting ourselves to see how much likes we gain. Facebook and Instagram are the main apps used when it comes to this type of social media addiction. However, Snapchat has also become a more instant way of people keeping people up to date with videos of themselves on the move. We are checking our social media accounts when we wake up, constantly through the day, as well just before we go to bed.



  1. Calls & messaging is used mainly through smartphones

How did we survive before having to rely on landlines? The usage of landlines is now in decline as more and more people choose to use their smartphones instead. A smartphone is a more convenient way than a landline to take a call with the ability to talk on the move. Also, the messaging app WhatsApp has become the most popular way for people to connect and keep in contact with their friends and family from around the world.



  1. We need information as fast as possible

Smartphones have created the urge to access information on the go. We can now access news as it happens, find directions to a place of interest using Google Maps or locate how to do information from a quick internet search on our smartphones. The smartphones ability to give us information quickly makes our lives easier by saving us time.



  1. We need constant entertainment

Apps have now become a big part of our lives especially when it comes to video games. Who can forget the instant popularity of the Candy Crush game? This game had many adults and continues to have many adults saying in their heads that this is the last game but rarely it was. The addictive nature of this type of game makes it difficult to say no, difficult to put down the smartphone. The equal equivalent for the younger generations would be the Minecraft game.



  1. Smartphones have become more affordable

Smartphones have now become more affordable through the continued expansion of the second-hand phone market. You can now buy used mobile phones that have all the features that you need at a reasonable price. At GR Phones we offer second-hand smartphones at affordable prices. Browse our vast product range, we have used smartphones to suit everyone.

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