1. Call a friend, remembering their number. When I was growing up I would remember most of my friends and family members numbers and be ablebuy mobile phone to call them off memory using my landline or phone box. How many family or friends numbers can you remember? 

2. Organise without a phone and deliver cash to a friend quicker than the 2 hour banking faster payments. What did we do before faster payments and bank transfers? Could you deliver cash to a friend quicker than the 2 hour bank transferused mobile phones timescale and without using a phone to communicate with them. Lets say the person lives at least 40 mins from you. As you can no longer pay cash into an account that does not belong to you how would you go about doing this? 

3. Write and post a handwritten letter to a family member or friend and see if you get a written reply. I think if I wrote a handwritten letter to a family member or friend in this day and age they would think I was mad but I'm going to give thsecond hand phonesis a go and see what the outcome is. Why not give it ago yourself and let us know how it went. 

4. Research a topic of choice. We depend so much on online resources for researching our favourite topics and interest. Why not try researching using local research on mobile phoneinformation centre, library, newspapers, museums etc and see how the research compares.

5. Complete a 30 min drive, cycle or walk without online maps to an unfamiliar destination. Have we lost our way?  Do you think you could still read an A-maps on without phonesZ  do you even know what an A-Z is? Well it's time to test yourself. On your next trip pull out our old A-Z maps and see if you can get to your destination. 

6. Book a holiday. Do you remember booking a holiday at a travel agent? Do travel agents still exist? Well I think they do and they are probably missing us as I currently do not know anyone that goes to a travel agent to book a holiday any longer. My first boys holiday to Maila at the age of 21 was booked at the local travel agent and we had a great time and got a very good deal at the time. I think this is something we should all try on your next holiday and get back some of that human interaction. 

7. Send a birthday card. When was the last time you received a physical birthday card? These days we send a WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Snapshat message. It is much more meaningful to receive a card in the post, the wording inside is often much more heartfelt and will usually be appreciated more. Try it next time. 

8. Take several pictures using a non digital camera and find a place you can develop them. Remember the disposable Kodaks and having to go to Boots or Snappy Snap to get them developed. On your next outing grab a non digital camera and snap away until the roll is complete and then try to find a developer. Good luck and let me know how these can be developed. 

9. Make a call using reverse charges at a payphone. I remember having to make a reverse call home to say that I'm running late home or to get permission to stay out longer. Try calling someone on reverse charges and see whether they even accept the call - I bet they will hang up :)

10. Can you remember your next 10 meeting, events or appointments without using your calendar? Test your memory by trying to remember your next 10 diaries dates without referring to your online calendar, increase the test to see if you can remember the dates, times and locations.

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