Our Warranty

GR Phones operate a no-quibble 12 month warranty for all devices that we sell unless specified otherwise on our listings or product details page. 

Our warranty excludes:

  • Malicious, misuse or accidental damage including physical damage or liquid damage

  • Devices which have been opened or worked on without our prior knowledge or consent.

  • Issues relating to manufacturer faults, including software issues, malware issues and viruses.

  • Loss of data (we advise that data is backed-up prior to repair/exchange)

  • Liquid damaged devices

  • Motherboard faults. Devices that have motherboard faults that occur after 30 days of purchase will not be covered under our warranty.
  • Devices where permission to access your device is not granted i.e. any access codes or iCloud locks that prohibit us from fully testing the device.

If the nature of the repair falls outside the terms of your warranty or guarantee, then you may incur a charge for the repair. We will advise you prior to the repair if your warranty claim is valid or not. Any associated cost will be relayed to you at this time.

Once an issue/fault with any of our purchased devices has been reported to us we must receive your device within 10 working days otherwise your claim will be invalidated. GR Phones Ltd will accept no liability for faults that have been reported to us but then become worst overtime due to the not following the above guidelines.

Exercising your warranty does not renew your warranty period and this will always remain as the initial date of purchase. 

It is important that you keep up to date with our warranty terms as these can be changed anytime and without notice.

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